Lake Superior Medical Society

Lake Superior Medical Society, Inc.
We are a local, county society which provides physicians an opportunity to participate in our mission, and be a VITAL participant in the evolution of health care delivery in the State of Minnesota.

Representation                                                                                                                                                      Our membership represents Minnesotan physicians employed in Carlton, Cook, Lake, and South St. Louis Counties.  Since 1886, the LSMS has upheld the tradition of providing a LOCAL forum for physicians to express their concerns with the practice of Medicine, and as importantly, to provide Community Education and Philanthropy.

Collegiality                                                                                                                                                    LSMS presents many opportunities to interact with physicians in the area -regardless of specialty or clinic.

The LSMS also provides a venue for development of legislation. Suggestions delivered by LSMS members have gone on to become policy for the American Medical Association (AMA), and in some cases, to Law passed by the Library of Congress.

Join Your Colleagues to Make a Difference in Health Care!